North Berwick Trust was set up as a charity in 1973 to support recreation, education and local amenities, alongside 'the relief of suffering of residents'.

The Trust was funded by the then North Berwick Town Council to acquire 103 acres of land at Mains Farm. The land was safeguarded by the Trust for many years and during the year to November 2016, a portion of this land was sold to Walker Homes, Cala and Cruden Homes. By April 2019, the income from this sale will total £16.7m. 50 acres of land  remains in Trust ownership.

Through the development of this land, and use of the income received, the Trust supports and provides benefits to the residents of North Berwick and their dependents. The Trust has completed it's grant awards for 2018, and a new round is anticipated in March / April 2019.

The make-up of the Trustee body was set out in the original Trust Deed. The Trust is managed by 13 community members including seven community councillors, one member of East Lothian Council, two local school heads, a doctor, a minister, and a representative of the Environment Trust.

All Trust members are unpaid volunteers. The Trust has recently agreed a purpose and vision which can be viewed on the Vision page.

Annual Report

As a registered charity, the Trust submits accounts annually to the office of the Scottish Charity Regulator. You can download a copy of the 2015/16 annual report here. You can download a copy of the 2016/17 annual report here. NB Trust Accounts 30 November 2017