North Berwick Trust will be opening up it’s grant programme for applications on Wednesday 6th March 2019, with a closing date of 12 noon on Monday 8th April 2019. All applicants are required to fill in an Organisation Information Sheet and Grant Application Form. Revised guidance notes are available.

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What can the grants be used for?

Each project or activity should:
• Be specific and have a measurable outcome(s) (it should be clear what the activity or service comprises and what public benefits it will achieve);
• Be located in or support people who live in North Berwick;
• Be developed and managed for charitable aims (commercial activities or those with an element of ‘private’ benefit are not eligible);
• Be for a specific purpose (one-year funding is the preferred option);
• Have a demonstrable financial need (it is unlikely that the Trust will award funding to organisations with healthy reserves or endowments);
• Be able to secure some additional funding for projects over £3,000; either from its own resources and/or from other funding bodies.
• Not be a replacement or substitute for statutory or other funding which would normally be provided by the Scottish Government or local authority;

We are unable to fund:
• Holidays, other than for respite or the relief of poverty;
• Animal welfare projects;
• Political or lobbying activities.

What information do applicants need to provide?

Applicants will need to fill in an Organisation Information Sheet and Grant Application Form. Grant Programme Guidance is available.



How much will the Trust fund?

For 2019, £200,000 of grant funding is available. The grant application process will open up twice per year in March and September, with £100,000 allocated to each grant window. The upper limit for a single award is £30,000.

Who is eligible for a grant?

The Trust is charged with benefiting the residents of North Berwick and their dependants. Therefore we welcome grant applications from those whose projects demonstrate alignment with our objectives and outcomes. These can be viewed in our Trust Vision document.

North Berwick Trust will support individuals, groups, and organisations. Applicants are not required to be constituted or charitable bodies.

However, the Trust would not normally support applications from:

  • Individuals under 16 years of age.
  • Groups without a suitable bank account.
  • Groups, organisations, or individuals whose registered address lays outwith the area of North Berwick.
How long will the application process take?

The Organisation Information Sheet and Grant Application Form will be available from Wednesday 6th March 2019; and will be accompanied by Grant Programme Guidance. Grant awards will be discussed at the North Berwick Trust Board meeting on 23rd May 2019.

Once the grant is awarded, the applicant will have a period of 12 months to receive payment and complete the project, unless the Trust has agreed an alternative timescale in advance. In order for the grant to be received, the Trust requires the applicant to provide appropriate receipts and invoices. Payment will normally be made in arrears unless otherwise agreed.

The terms and conditions of grants will be determined by the trustees of North Berwick Trust.