The Trust have reviewed their grant giving programme; and have completed their grant awards for 2018. The application process will be opening up again in March / April 2019.

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What can the grants be used for?

Funding can be used to support any project which benefits residents of North Berwick and aligns with the objectives of the Trust.

Grants cannot be used to cover the costs of the following:
• Recoverable tax – such as VAT.
• Items specifically covered in other funding applications

What information do applicants need to provide?

The Trust is committed to supporting applications that have a clear and demonstrable benefit for the people of North Berwick and their dependants. The Trust will be reviewing it’s guidance sheet and application form in preparation for the 2019 grant process.

The Trust will consider application for funding that deliver against the Trust’s funding themes. These are:

• To support and enhance recreational, cultural and sporting activities and facilities for our community
• To support and enhance educational and lifelong learning opportunities for our community
• To conserve and enhance the natural environment and public green space in North Berwick, and improve the sustainability of our community
• To conserve and enhance the historic and built environment of North Berwick
• To help those in need in our community


• Individuals applying for support must be over the age of 16 years and participating in an organised event which meets the Trust’s criteria (its Funding Themes)
• Awards will normally only be for one-off projects or activities
• Applications for assistance should be received by the published closing date

Exclusions (what the Trust will not / may not do).

The Trust will not normally consider applications for the following:

• Delivery of services or public benefit outside North Berwick
• To replace or substitute for statutory or other funding which would normally be provided by the Scottish Government or local authority
• Requests for general support, rather than for a specific project, activity or service
• Projects from organisations based in North Berwick which solely benefit those outside North Berwick
• Contributions to organisations with healthy reserves or endowments
• Projects or activities requiring grant assistance for more than three years – one-year funding is the preferred option
• Holidays, other than for respite or the relief of poverty
• Animal welfare projects
• Organisations re-applying within a year of their previous application being rejected or supported
• Political or lobbying purposes
• Retrospective funding for projects already underway, including VAT bills
• Projects or activities already fully funded from other sources (‘double-funding’)
• Individual applicants under the age of 16 years
• Organisations without a suitable bank account
• Projects where there is a significant risk of the purpose of the project not being realised
• Projects where there is any element of ‘private’ benefit
• Organisations or projects under the direct control of Government Ministers
• North Berwick Trust will not normally fully fund a project

Assessment process.

Following receipt of your application, the Trust Manager may contact you for clarification on any aspect of the submission. The application will be assessed against the Trust’s funding themes; and considered by the Trustees.

You will be informed of the outcome of the application at the earliest opportunity.

Should you wish to discuss your application prior to submission, our Trust Manager (part time) can be contacted on 07852 999224 or

We look forward to receiving your application.

Forms should be returned to the address below or to the email address
North Berwick Trust, The Lighthouse, Unit 2, Heugh Road Industrial Estate, North Berwick, EH39 5PX.


How much will the Trust fund?

It is expected that from 2019, the Trust will be in a position to award grants totalling in excess of £300,000 per anum. The Trust will support projects which meet some or all of its objectives and outcomes. There are, however, limitations on what the Trust will support.

North Berwick Trust will not normally fully fund a project.

Who is eligible for a grant?

The Trust is charged with benefiting the residents of North Berwick and their dependants. Therefore we welcome grant applications from those whose projects demonstrate alignment with our objectives and outcomes. These can be viewed in our Trust Vision document.

North Berwick Trust will support individuals, groups, and organisations. Applicants are not required to be constituted or charitable bodies.

However, the Trust would not normally support applications from:

  • Individuals under 16 years of age.
  • Groups without a suitable bank account
  • Groups, organisations, or individuals whose registered address lays outwith the area of North Berwick.
How long will the application process take?

The Grant Giving Application Form will be available in March / April 2019; and will be accompanied by a guidance document with clear timescales.

Once the grant is awarded, the applicant will have a period of 12 months to receive payment and complete the project, unless the Trust has agreed an alternative timescale in advance. In order for the grant to be received, the Trust requires the applicant to provide appropriate receipts and invoices. Payment will normally be made in arrears unless otherwise agreed.

The terms and conditions of grants will be determined by the trustees of North Berwick Trust.